CTC Golf and Turf Management Team

Gary Unger, Managing Partner

Mr. Unger is a professional landscape construction manager with a 20-year record of success overseeing all phases of multimillion-dollar golf course and landscape construction projects for non-profit and private-sector clients.

Bryan Ohnysty, Project Manager

Mr. Ohnysty is a highly trained landscape construction project manager with 11 years of industry experience. Mr. Ohnysty’s educational credentials include a Landscape Management Diploma, Turf Grass Management Diploma and a certificate in Golf Course Design and Construction.

Randy Carruthers, Project Manager

Mr. Carruthers is a well organized project manager who thrives on challenges presented by multi-faceted projects. Mr. Carruthers has a 7-year record of success in landscape construction project management and his educational credentials include a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology.